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 Rules And Regulation GM,FM,CBmoderator,and also players

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PostSubject: Rules And Regulation GM,FM,CBmoderator,and also players   Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:38 pm


These rules MUST be followed while in this forums

1.Do respect & be nice to all people.

2.Do nice topic name.

3.Do Post Topic on the right Thread.

4.Do read before Posting.

5.Don't Hacking.

6.Don't Spamming.

7.Don't use Bad Words.

8.Don't post a topic that is already discussed.

9.Don't Double Post.

10.Don't posting of other server.

11.Don't Post non-sense.

12.Don't beg to be a GM.

Game Relations

* NO HACKING, BOTTING or any use of a 3rd party program (this includes macros).

* Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name yourself similar to a GM.

* Do not sell items, Gold, or accounts with real money.

* Exploiting
bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of zeny or items, or
disrupting the server will result in a ban. Reporting a bug of this
nature will result in a reward.

Game Master (GM) Relations

* GM's will never ask for your items or password.

* Respect all GM's.

* Do not spam messages to GMs.

* Do not ask to be a GM.

* GMs have the right to ban/mute/jail for rule violations.

1st Warning: Warning
2nd Warning: Mute
3nd Warning: Ban it depends what have you done wrong
4th Warning: Permanent Banned

Forum Moderator and Chatbox Moderator Relations

* Moderators's will never ask for your items or password.

* Respect all Moderators's.

* Do not spam messages toModerators's.

* Do not beg to be a Moderators's.

* Moderators's. have the right to ban/close thread.

*Why we have "Moderators" moderators is the one to look after the forum and Chatbox, assit people question and help them.

Player Relations

* Respect all players. No harassment or discrimination is allowed.

* Do not use Megaphone when arguing.

* Purposefully gathering normal monsters and leading them to another player with the intention of killing them is not allowed

* Do not scam people of their items, accounts, gold or ePoints.

* When vending, do not put false advertisements in the shop title with the intention of deceiving buyers.

* Do not advertise other RAN servers.

* You are responsible for your account's security. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget.

* If you give out your password to anyone, you take FULL responsibility for their actions
(including botting/scamming/item loss/character deletion)

* We are not responsible if your items got stolen because someone guessed your password, or because they deceived you.
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Rules And Regulation GM,FM,CBmoderator,and also players
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