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 Rules in Game

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PostSubject: Rules in Game   Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:38 pm

These are the rules you need to follow

Game Relations

*No Sex Pagwala aq pagnandyan aq in game pde nsa kantutin aq
* Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name yourself similar to a GM.
* Do not sell items, Gold, or accounts with real money.
* Exploiting
bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of zeny or items, or
disrupting the server will result in a ban. Reporting a bug of this
nature will result in a reward.

Player Relations

* Respect all players. No harassment or discrimination is allowed.
* Do not attack or loot other players' monsters without their permission.
* Do not scam people of their items, accounts, and gold.

Admin and Game Master Relations

* Admin's and GM's will never ask for your items or password.
* Admin's and GM's will never give away any gold, items, or tank players.
* Respect all GM's and Admin's.
* Do not ask to be a GM.

Other Relations

* You are responsible for your account's security. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget.
* If you give out your password to anyone, you take FULL responsibily for their actions
(including botting/scamming/item loss/character deletion)
* We are not responsible if your items got stolen because someone guessed your password, or because they deceived you.

Breaking the Rules

* If you break the rules, we will be give you a WARNING.

IN Game Policy.....

On Kill-Stealing (sawsaw)

As a general rule, everyone should avoid killing mobs lured by other players/parties. Not only is it impolite, it indicates either:

The player is ignorant of proper manners;
The player is weak and can't lure/kill mobs for him/herself;
The player, even if hi-level, is probably weak-minded because he/she has to show off his/her character's hi-level skill to low-level players.

On Mob-Stealing (agaw lure)

Once a monster has been hit and and is following another player, don't bother hitting and luring that monster anymore.

If a monster is walking around not following another player, it's fair game.

If a monster is following another player and the monster stops following, it's fair game.

Occasionally, accidents happen, for example a stray lightning bolt from an INT swordie hitting your lure. Don't make a big deal out of it, especially if the player did not intend to steal your lure.

Don't steal the lures of your party-mates. Even if the experience still redounds to you and your party-mates, it's not the most efficient way to boost your exp. Try to lure other unlured mobs to maximize the exp gained.

Generally, there is no such thing as a "lure-spot". As long as a monster isn't lured by another player, it's fair game.

Exceptions: There are certain places that by custom, are for single party use only. Examples are HO1F and HO2F. Avoid partying in those places if there is already another party there. Sometimes the Baldie spot at CP is also considered a single party spot, however if you're at the Wrestler spots just below it, it is somewhat acceptable to lure a few Baldies now and then, as long as you don't directly compete for the lures with the spot holder.

On looting items on the ground:

If there an EXP TIME box is active, do not pick up any other destiny boxes. EXP TIME boxes increase the exp rate factor, and the additional factor is wasted if another destiny box is picked up. Remember, it is not only through using the space bar which can pick up boxes or other items. Clicking on it will also pick it up, so watch where you click.

If a POW UP box is active, do not pick up another destiny box if it agreed to by the entire party.

If a party-mate dies and drops one of his/her items, while looting the item is indeed part of the game, good manners dictate that you return the item. You would expect the same from them.

However during PK, items dropped by a player you just killed is fair game.

Items dropped by a player killed by mobs who isn't a member of your party is generally fair game, especially if the player is kill-stealing or otherwise disrupting the party. However if you know the player and especially if the player is from the same school, it makes good practice to return the dropped item. The world of RAN is a small place, and maintaining a good reputation for your character ensures that you'll get into parties easily and/or other players doing the same for you if you're the one who loses an item.

On being a party leader:

Item distribution should be alternate and gold distribution should be even share in order to be fair to everyone.

Don't kick party-members for no good reason. If you're really going to kick a member, warn them first, and don't kick them while they're still luring or killing mobs. Doing so may only get them killed.

Good reasons for kicking a party-member are the following: not luring; picking-up destiny fate boxes when there is EXP TIME box active; looting items from killed fellow party members; long periods of being AFK (unless you're a support shaman on auto-heal, and there's another shaman in charge of casting buffs); being away from the party for long periods of time; excessive dueling; or for being generally unpleasant (cursing, bad-mouthing, etc.)

If a party-member is disconnected, give them a reasonable amount of time (according to most other forum members, 20 minutes) to reconnect and rejoin the party. If they don't reconnect within that period, feel free to recruit another player.

If you recruit a player on a temporary basis (tempo), tell them first and make sure they understand to avoid bad feelings later on.

Do not disband the party without warning the other party-members first, you may only get your members killed. Better yet, if you really have to go, just log out so the party will remain intact.

If someone asks if there is a slot and there isn't, politely reply that there isn't. Its annoying to ask if there is a slot and no one answers.

If you agree to reserve a slot for a player, try to keep your word. If you're unable to reserve a slot or if others have already reserved a slot, just say so. Wag ninyo na paasahin para alang tampuhan kung walang slot talaga.

On being a party member:

Unless you're a support shaman, mag lure ka. Luring is the main element of leveling up, and leveling up is the essence of playing the game.

Not all characters are equal when it comes to luring. Some characters are just better lurers than others. Lure only as much mobs as you can without getting killed. Kung max lure ka nga pero lagi ka naman patay, wala din. If you get killed, either you lose the lured mobs, or worse, transfer them your partymates, particularly your party's FS, who may get killed as well, and as we all know, if the mobs are quite strong, once the FS is dead, everyone else dies. Lure lang ng kaya.

Do not start killing the lured mobs until ALL members are at the spot. Wag fast kill. In case of doubt check the map.

Do not pick up destiny fate boxes if an EXP TIME box is active (see above).

Do not lure a fellow party-member's lured mobs (see above).

If you've just joined the party, or reconnected and rejoined, or you were killed, or you replenished your pots, ask first if a EXP TIME box is active before picking another box up.

Do not lure other party's lured mobs. Doing so will only get your party in trouble, as it invites kill-stealers.

If you're a support shaman, make it a point to recast your buffs after every set of killed mobs. Same goes for TQers, ECers and BLers.

If you're a support shaman, avoid using auto-heal and being AFK unless there's another shaman responsible for casting buffs. Try to time your HT so healing is alternate.

If you're the only support shaman, let the other members know if you're leaving preferably in advance so they can find a replacement. Don't leave unannounced, you will only get them killed.

If you're a support shaman with the Resurrection skill, ask your party-mates first if they want to be resurrected. They may have Resurrection Training rosaries, in which case resurrecting them is no longer necessary (especially since they lose exp points).

Do not resurrect party-mates who are equipped with Resurrection Training rosaries so their experience points will not be decreased. (resu-kill). When in doubt, ask first.

Resu-Killing is sometimes acceptable if used as a tool to teach disruptive players a lesson, examples are DAM lurers and kill stealers. However, such should be done responsibly. Don't resu-kill just anyone, especially those players who are minding their own business.

Don't trade with your party-mates while they are luring/killing mobs. You will only get them killed.

On joining parties:

Ask politely if there is a slot. If there is and they recruit you, say Thank You. If there isn't, still say Thank You and look for another party.

If a party doesn't recruit you, don't resort to kill-stealing. That's so immature.

Don't threaten the party: sali o sawsaw? For God's sakes that's very rude.

Don't try to pass yourself off as a disconnected member if you're not: sali DC lang po. Other players are not idiots.

Don't ask the party-leader to kick someone else just so you can join. That's also rude. Pare-pareho lang tayong nagpapalevel.

If a party is full, and you still prefer to join that party, politely ask the party-leader to reserve a slot for you. While waiting avoid kill-stealing unless in self-defense. If you have to defend yourself avoid using attacks with splash damage so you won't kill their mobs. If you feel like looting ask permission first.

If you're a disconnected player, try to reconnect within a reasonable period of time. Don't expect to still have a slot if you return, say, 30 minutes after.

Remember that some classes and builds are more desirable for parties than others. Usually support shamans, INT swordies, DEX archers and INT brawlers are initially preferred for their party buffs. If you're passed over a party by one of these classes/types, don't take it personally.

If it can be helped, join parties in spots appropriate to your character level. Refrain from joining parties where the names of the mobs appear in white instead of red, as that will adversely affect the exp distribution, and you won't gain that much exp yourself. For example, if you're 130+, for God's sake wag ka na sa CP.

On Bad-Mouthing:

Avoid using curse words. Remember, a lot of younger kids play the game as well. However, the use of letter A letter M letter F seems to be an acceptable expletive, as long as you don't elaborate on the meaning, or use it that often.

Avoid using sexual or vulgar terms. Not to be a prude, but there are more appropriate venues for expressing one's sexuality. RAN is not one of them.

Don't curse the GM. While RAN has its share of problems, the GMs are not all powerful gods who can solve all problems. They are mostly employees who do their best to make playing the game as smooth as possible. Besides, you may get chat-blocked.

On pilots:

If you have your character piloted by another person while in a party, let the other party-members know, so they will know they're talking/playing with someone else.

Remember, if your pilot does something wrong, its a reflection of the character being played. Don't defend your actions by saying: sori pilot yung kanina. Its a very convenient excuse which is hardly believable.

Other tips:

If you're going to level up your character, make sure you have a ready supply of consumables (potions, arrows, talismans, etc.) in your backpack. Wag pumunta sa giyera ng walang baril at bala.

If you're going to level up your character, it's a good idea to disable trading on your options menu. Some idiots will deliberately try to trade with you while you're luring in order to get you killed. Some players who don't really have any bad intentions don't know any better and will try to sell you something while you are luring. Better to be safe than sorry.


I know the game makes a big deal over the rivalries between the different schools, but it doesn't hurt to approach the rivalries in a mature manner. Personally, I'm not one for name-calling (Mystic Weak, Sacred Gay for example). Truth of the matter is, all of the schools are virtually the same, except for cosmetic differences only (appearance of school, uniform, etc.). As such, while leveling, live and let live na lang. Wala na lang pakialamanan, pwera lang kung PK o CW...
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Rules in Game
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